jogja java carnival…

it was the first time for me to watch the carnival in the night… in jogja..!!!
that’s why i love this city…full of various cultures.. people… and.. foods.. hahaha..
this carnival was the party to celebrate jogja’s 252nd birthday..
and this carnival would be held every year since that night..
there are japanese, korean, malaysian, lebanon people who contributing in this carnival.. lots of culture.. modern.. traditional.. dance.. sport..
and i met Agus Ringgo.. !!! but unfortunately.. i wasn’t taking his photo.. 😦

the carnival begun from the center of the city.. Alun2 utara… then end up in parking area of malioboro… Jl. Abu Bakar

it’s very crowded..
i need air.. there was no air.. no air.. no air.. (nyanyi..) very berry hot.. !!! fyuh..
but it’s fun.. !! hehehe…

let me share what i never saw… haha.. see this..


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