happy birthday sister… :D

happy birthday to you.. happy birthday to you

happy birthdayhappy birthday.. happy birthday to you… 😀

hehehe…met ultah ya mbak… wis tuwek rek saiki.. hehe..

semoga tahun2 berikutnya menjadi tahun2 terbaikmu… amiiin

“you are my inspiration…. you are my spirit…

nothing in this world could replace you…

coz you are the only sister that i have…”

loph u sista… mizz u… muuuuuach… 😛


2 thoughts on “happy birthday sister… :D

  1. nataria says:

    Terima kasih Yan..
    this is very sweetttt… :), sweethest thing deh!

    yep aku udah tua.. , udah 26, supposedly mature ..but NOT.. a big no no ,
    hey , but live is good.. and aku bersyukur punya keluarga yg supportive. memperbolehkah aku mengejar mimpiku yg bisa egois most of the time..living far far away from you guys.
    I miss home all the time.. but i know for now .. aku musti di sini dulu. but i will be back !!
    love u too little sister.. yg kayaknya udah gak little lagi.
    jgn lugu2 ya! 🙂

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